Ayers House Museum


Family Open Day – DreamBig Festival

Passed by Ayers House a thousand times? Seize this chance to come inside as part of the 2017 DreamBig Children’s Festival!  
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Looking up at Ayers House

Looking up at Ayers House   The painted decoration at Ayers House is considered to be the finest in Australia. Created for Henry Ayers by eminent Scottish decorative artist Charles Gow in the 1870s, these works were lost for many years. Heritage conservation architect Dr Donald Ellsmore will introduce these magnificent works ...
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The Fabulous Gaze

The Fabulous Gaze: Ayers House family ceiling tour   All ceilings aren’t the same. At Ayers House we have low and high ones and ones painted with gold! Explore our ceilings and find out what they tell us about power and purpose. Play Ceiling-Match Mystery then take inspiration from their ornate decoration ...
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The Best of Town and Country

The Best of Town and Country Experience the best of colonial South Australia on an exclusive guided excursion to two of our most delightful heritage places. Visit Ayers House, the city’s grandest Victorian era mansion. Then journey to the beautiful gardens and home of the historic pastoral property, Anlaby Station. Morning tea ...
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Preserving Preserves: Australian Marmalade Awards

Preserving Preserves: Australian Marmalade Awards Making and sharing recipes is one of the key ways we celebrate and enjoy our cultural heritage. Join us for an afternoon of discussion and tasting of South Australia's favourite preserves (and full Devonshire tea) as we launch the 2017 Australian Marmalade Awards. Bring your favourite ...
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180th Birthday Celebration: Naming of Adelaide’s First Streets & Squares

180th Birthday Celebration: Naming of Adelaide's First Streets & Squares Join us in raising a toast to those immortalised in the street names of Adelaide on this day in 1837. Enjoy a passing parade of images and engaging talks from author Dr Jeff Nicholas and descendants of those memorialised in our ...
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Ayers House After Dark

Step back in time to 1876. Join Butler (Mr Wilkins), Housekeeper (Mrs Galvin) and Cook (Mrs Jenkins) on this special visit to Ayers House. The Master and Lady are out for the evening and staff ...
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