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Adelaide Heritage Walks

Adelaide Heritage Walks

Guided Heritage Walks


A wonderful choice of guided walks around Adelaide are available through the National Trust of South Australia.

Join us in celebrating Australia’s cultural heritage through guided city walks. We invite you to dig up the past, re-explore your region and learn something new about your history.


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Art Deco Delights– This tour introduces Adelaide’s Art Deco architecture. Deco style appeared in buildings, art, fashion and film early in the twentieth century. It features geometric shapes, clean, smooth lines and bold colours. It emphasises symmetry. This tour includes examples of Art Deco period architecture you can still see in the city.

City of Music– From the beautiful pipe organ in the Adelaide Town Hall, to the 1970s rock legends that graced the stage of the Tivoli Hotel, join us for a guided tour of the history of live music and performance in the City of Adelaide. Next tours Thursday 20 April, Tuesday 23 May, 2pm. Book here.

City of Pubs– Adelaide has often been described as a city of churches. In reality, the city has always had just as many places to buy alcohol as places of worship. This tour will highlight some of the best hotels that remain part of the social fabric and architectural heritage of the city. Next tours Friday 28 April, Saturday 6 May, 2pm. Book here.

Cold Case: Somerton Mystery Man– In December 1948, a dead man was found on Somerton Beach, south west of the city. It remains a great unsolved mystery. This tour explores the evidence from the Somerton Man’s final day around the city and allows you to draw your own conclusions about Adelaide’s most famous cold case. Next tours Wednesday 26 April, Tuesday 16 May, 2pm. Book here.

East End Discovery– This tour introduces the unique cultural and historical features of Adelaide’s East End, famous for its markets, food, fashion, hotels, cafés and restaurants. Discover some of the hidden treasures and heritage icons on this leisurely tour of Adelaide’s favourite dining, fashion and leisure precinct. Next tours Tuesday 9 May, Saturday 27 May, 2pm. Book here.

East Terrace Promenade– East Terrace was home to some of the city’s most wealthy residents in the late nineteenth century who used their wealth to build some remarkably beautiful homes. Join this leisurely promenade down East Terrace to enjoy the well preserved legacy of Adelaide’s most gracious decades. Next tours Sunday 14 May, Thursday 25 May, 2pm. Book here.

Henry’s Adelaide– Explore Victorian-era Adelaide through one of its most prominent public figures, Henry Ayers. From the stately luxury of Ayers House to the seat of nineteenth century political power at Parliament House, Henry’s life is interwoven with the political and economic development of the state we know today. Next tour Wednesday 19 April, 2pm. Book here.

Heritage Reborn– This tour explores sites around the city where heritage places have been carefully adapted to new purposes with an often funky twist. Discover some remarkable transformations of heritage buildings including a former bank, a rogue department store and a building once used by the Women’s Christian Temperance Union. Next tours Tuesday 25 April, Friday 19 May, 2pm. Book here.

Hidden Stories, Small Details– Sometimes the smallest details offer clues to the most engaging stories from the past. On this tour you’ll visit some of Adelaide’s most unremarked buildings and uncover many small details that you may never have noticed, as well as discovering the hidden stories that lie within. Next tours Friday 21 April, Tuesday 30 May, 2pm. Book here.

Market to Market– This tour starts with the glorious East End Markets on East Terrace and winds its way through some of the more interesting streets and heritage buildings of the central business district and onto Victoria Square and the buzz of the cosmopolitan Central Market, a fine place for refreshments. Next tours Thursday 27 April, Wednesday 10 May, 2pm. Book here.

North Terrace: Cultural Boulevard– Explore Adelaide’s political, cultural and educational institutions, as well as grand residences, established along this classic nineteenth century boulevard. Start from Ayers House, Adelaide’s finest Victorian era mansion and end with Adelaide’s first church. Find out about the people behind and inside our most famous architectural heritage. Next tours Monday 1 May, Wednesday 17 May, 2pm. Book here.

Sacred Glass– Adelaide’s collection of stained-glass windows is among the most diverse and interesting in the country. From the precious stained glass that arrived with the first settlers in 1836, to the Stock Exchange’s Federation windows, this trail will reveal the meaning behind some of the city’s most sacred glass. Next tour Thursday 11 May, 2pm. Book here.

South West Corner– In the nineteenth century the southwest corner of Adelaide was a working class area. This tour will give you some insight into the rich history of this neglected corner of the city and the living conditions of its residents. Next tours Monday 24 April, Sunday 7 May, 2pm. Book here.

Stella Bowen– Stella Bowen is a celebrated Australian landscape and portrait painter. Born in Adelaide in 1893, Esther (Stella) Bowen left the city to pursue her passion for painting, later becoming Australia’s first female official war artist. Take this tour around many landmark heritage sites and experience Adelaide through Stella’s eyes. Next tours Thursday 4 May, Monday 15 May, 2pm. Book here.

Victoria Square– Victoria Square sits at the heart of Colonel William Light’s plan for the city of Adelaide. Always a contested site, it has been at the heart of the city’s cultural and political life. This tour explores the people, buildings and events of Victoria Square and the evolution of our city. Next tours Monday 8 May, Wednesday 31 May, 2pm. Book here.


Private guided walks are available for groups of 10 or more for $15 per person.

All walks run for 90-120 minutes.



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